Recreation In and Around Boulder, Colorado

Boulder Colorado — those two words together invoke visions and dreams of spectacular recreational opportunities, particularly the outdoor kind. Where else could you find yourself with choices like world class rock climbing at Chataqua Park, kayaking through the slalom course on Boulder Creek, fly-fishing throughout the county, skiing or snowboarding just a half hour into the mountains, hang-gliding off the foothills just north of town, mountain or meadow hiking and biking ranging from gentle to truly rugged, swimming, windsurfing or sailing at the Boulder Reservoir, Frisbee-golf at the South Boulder Rec. Center or the real thing at a number of challenging and beautiful courses around town, or just hanging out at any number of the beautiful city parks or open spaces throughout and around Boulder? In a town where every other neighbor has climbed Mt. Everest backwards or has a few Olympic medals in a box in the attic, recreation is taken very seriously. With that in mind, we offer a list of some of the more popular places to play, train, practice or just soak up the view in and around beautiful Boulder Colorado.


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